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Residential care application process

Moving into an aged care home can often be difficult and emotional. This page aims to help older people, families and carers understand the process for moving into aged care. It outlines five steps to follow and what to do at each step. We are here to help you. If you have any questions, contact us on phone 98010855 or click ‘Download application form’ button and fill in the form.
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Step 5
Assessing eligibility
You will first need an assessment with a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team - ACAS
Finding an aged care home
Visit a few different homes. See what the accommodation is like, and what types of care, services and activities they offer.
Calculate the costs
When moving into an aged care home you may be asked to make a contribution towards your care, accommodation and daily living costs.
Applying to an aged care home
When a room becomes available, then we will contact you or your nominated contact person. You or your nominated contact person will be contacted when a room will become available for your occupancy.
Living in an aged care home
You’ll get to decide what you want to do each day and have control over your personal matters.

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Respite care

If you’re caring for someone who still lives in their own home, you may occasionally need to take a short break. This could involve anything from a few days to a few weeks off for a holiday or your own medical care. If the person you care for needs help on a day-to-day basis, they may need to have a short stay in an aged care home while you have a break. This is called residential respite care and can happen on a planned or emergency basis. Once you are back from your break, the person you care for will also return home.
Residential respite care is available in the Árpád home, provided that an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment has been undertaken. (Link to ACAS Assessment). Call our office on (03) 9801 0855 if you would like to discuss a booking for respite care.

Independent living

Our 11 villa units enable residents to enjoy the privacy of their own home together with a welcome at the adjacent residential aged care complex. Villa unit residents can participate as much as they wish in activities and meals at the complex. If you would like to apply for the waiting list for villa units, please call our office on (03) 9801 0855.