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Your income

Do not include interest from your bank accounts or financial investments. That gets calculated automatically using the current government deeming rate. If you received the one-off payment of $750.00 – as part of the government’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19) – you do not need to include it here.

You have the annual income of $ 0 income based on the answers above.

How to apply

Moving into an aged care home can be a difficult and emotional decision. We aim to try to help you to make it as easy as possible.

Pastoral care

At our home, we have a person-centred approach to care, providing support and reassurance in a spirit of respect for all religions and spirituality.

The home has close connections to the Roman Catholic and Hungarian Reformed Church, enjoying regular pastoral visits from a Roman Catholic Priest, who is also a member of our Board of Management, and from Rev. Csaba Dezsi, the pastor of the North Fitzroy Reformed Hungarian congregation.

Church services are held at the home on a regular basis. In addition, regular church services are also held at the nearby St Istvan Church at the Hungarian Community Centre about 1 kilometre away.