Members of Arpad Aged Care committee 2019/2020

  • Ilona Benedek
    Ilona Benedek President

    Ilona joined the Committee in 2015. She has been an active member of the Hungarian Reformed Church and was elected as a church elder. While she worked for the Committee as an Administration Coordinator, she became very fond of the residents of Árpád Aged Care and after leaving this position, she missed her contact with them. Becoming a member of the Committee gives her the opportunity to help and keep in touch with them. She was elected President in 2019.

  • Olga Vető
    Olga Vető Committee member

    Olga joined the Committee in 2015. She has been an active member of the Hungarian community for more than 30 years. Olga has extensive experience in organizing special events which will be of great benefit to Arpad.

  • Balázs Bartha
    Balázs Bartha Committee member

    Balázs joined the Committee in 2012. He is a post-graduate in Psychotherapy studies. Together with his family, Balázs is an active participant in many Hungarian community events and organizations. His studies and experiences from overseas and Australia contribute to the work of the Committee of Management.

  • Mary-Anne Carmody
    Mary-Anne Carmody Secretary

    Mary-Anne has a background in law and holds Arts and Laws (Honours) degrees from the University of Melbourne as well as a post-graduate Diploma from the Securities Institute of Australia. She joined the Arpad board in 2016, and after a break of one year re-joined the board in 2019, becoming board secretary.

  • Judit Juricskay
    Judit Juricskay Committee member

    Judit has over 30 years experience in the field of accounting and office management. Over that time she has held a number of volunteer positions both as Treasurer and President of various sporting associations. She brings these experiences to help achieve a positive and forward looking future to the Árpád community.

  • Ferencz Baranyay
    Ferencz Baranyay Treasurer

    Ferencz is an architect with his own practice in Malvern. He regards it as an honour to be on the Committee and be part of the general management of the facility. Ferencz joined the Committee in 2012 and after a break he re-joined the board in 2019, becoming board Treasurer.

  • Eva Kovesdy
    Eva Kovesdy Committee member

    Éva was elected on to the Committee in 2009 and was Secretary until 2016 and President until 2017. Éva has re-joined the Committee in 2019 following a two-year break.  Éva has a Masters Degree in Applied Science – Nutrition and Public Health from Deakin University.  Éva has been an active member of the Hungarian Community for many years and held the position of Secretary to the Hungarian Community Centre for 17 years during which time she was actively involved in many major programs.

  • Christina Janka
    Christina Janka Committee member

    Christina’s professional training was in secondary teaching and translation. There is a strong Hungarian background from younger years as a Hungarian scout. Working years were spent in schools, migrant centres, overseas language schools (Munich), the corporate sector and recently 10 years of (lifestyle) diversional therapy at Villa Maria, Mercy Health and Tabulam and Templar. She has served on various community committees (National Trust, German/Australian Welfare) over 20 years and reared a large family of six children. Her commitment to the management committee is to actively build the community and assist in wellness programs of Arpad residents.

  • Jennifer Cole
    Jennifer Cole Committee member

    Jenny is a Pharmacist with 20+ years experience working in residential aged care. She has worked at Arpad & various other facilities for nearly 10 years as an independent accredited pharmacist conducting medication reviews in conjunction with the doctors & helping Arpad to meet accreditation standards. She is looking forward to bringing her experience to the Arpad Board to help Arpad to continue to provide high quality care for its residents.

  • Rita Sully
    Rita Sully Acting Vice President

    Rita is a Tertiary and Masters qualified senior executive with International and Australian corporate experience. Rita joined the Arpad Committee in 2019.

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